Black Muslim Singles Society Ambassador Program

Are you a member of Black Muslim Singles Society? Do you want to spread the word and assist unmarried men and women with meeting potential matches? Would you want to earn cash incentives simply by letting others know about Black Muslim Singles Society? Consider enrolling in our ambassador program!

How does it work?

  1. Complete the Ambassador program form below 

2. Receive your unique Ambassador code within 48 hours

3. When someone enrolls in a profile listing membership and uses your code you will receive $10 and your guest will receive $5 off enrollment

4. You must have a Paypal account to receive your payout. We send ambassador payments on the 25th of every month.

How to make money as an ambassador?

  1. Send a text, call, or invite your tribe to enroll their profile using your code (remember it gets them $5 off)

  2. Use #bmsstribe hashtag to share our content on social media or post and invite your following to enroll

  3. Spread the word at your local masjid, community events, or with those you know who are looking to meet marriage minded singles.

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