5 MAJOR Keys to Successful Long Distance Courtship

Long distance relationships, courtships, or marriages can certainly be a challenge. It requires a higher level of patience and communication in order to make it a success. You can win at long distance love. More men and women are open and engaging in expanding their net of marital options due to advancement in technology and travel, it’s easier more now than ever to make it happen and make it work. However, it will take work! By work we mean connecting with aspects of your personality and a level of effort you can suppress slightly longer when living and courting locally.

On Black Muslim Singles Society’s podcast and Youtube show, Courtship Code, we shared with you 5 Major Keys you’ll need to win from a distance.

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Here are a few takeaways:

  1. Set Goals, Plan, and Execute - Any thing you want to win at must be intentional. Your number one objective must be to have realistic goals and to execute them. Without this key, you’ll waste a lot of time and emotions.

  2. Manage Communication - Having regular and not excessive communication is the major key. On the podcast we broke down other tips regarding communication you MUST master in order to have an amazing long distance courtship.

  3. Include friends and Family - It’s a family affair. Including 3rd parties feels more grounded and as though you’re really moving towards your relationship goals. Remember, when you marry someone you marry their family. You have to know who and what you’re marrying into.

  4. Work Together - Long distance courtship requires time and resources. Be open and flexible to how to make it work. Take turns with travel and finances. Figure out a balance that creates win win solutions.

  5. Find Ways to Give - Speak to their love languages from afar. It’s totally possible! Find ways to give and receive love from a distance that creates and extends bonds.

We went into more details in the video above. Check it out and leave us a comment below on what works with you for long distance courtship.

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