Haters Won't Get Your Process

What’s wrong with you, why are you married yet? Listen, truth be told, your haters won’t get your process. That could be your family, friends, co-workers, or whoever tries to find flaws to reason with themselves as to why you’re not tied down yet. It’s coming! As Keri Hilson said, she may not have gotten love right, YET, but she’s learned a lot from her experiences.

The road to marriage is a journey filled with heartache, self-reflection, growth, and power moves that many run from before they get halfway down the trip. So if you’ve stumbled and got back up, pat yourself on the back. Your open heart and desire to win at the game of love says a ton about your character and your true desire to make things work and get your happy ending. Still, along that journey you will experiences hurdles and one of those will be your haters.

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Here are a few tips from the podcast:

  1. Don’t let others place their expectations on you when it comes to marriage or relationships, especially if they’re not assisting you with the process (if you want assistance book a consultation with us!)

  2. If the people around you are creating stress with their expectations or giving you negative thoughts and creating a lack of confidence, it’s time to change your tribe. Take a break from those who aren’t supportive of your path.

  3. Accept that everyone has to go through a process to learn and better themselves. No one will escape this part of the path to marriage.

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