Masculinity, Femininity, and Black Panther

Captivated by the beauty and nature of Wakanda, it’s not difficult to imagine yourself living in an African Empire spirited with pride, grace, and influence. Gazing at the movie screen, you’re easily entrenched in the storyline and want the absolute best for the amazing characters. However, there’s something else magical about Black Panther that Nakia and T’Challa bring to the billion dollar screen, an enchanting masculine and feminine dance.

There’s a reason why everyone naturally adored the playful, yet powerful, love exchange between these two characters. Nakia brings forth powerful femininity while T’Challa drives their relationship with strong, bold, masculinity.

While others were focused on the strong, amazingly skilled  warriors, The Dora Milaje, and their representation of black femininity and female power, Nakia’s confident, elegant, enticing mystic was not missed. She’s a black man’s dream girl, and T’Challa, was the breathtaking, masculine man every woman of color wants for her real life superhero.

So how did these two embody their God-given masculine and feminine energy to create a rhythmic dialogue of zest you should seek in a courtship or partner?


Nakia’s Femininity

  1. Confidence - There’s no guessing about Nakia’s lovely demeanor being full of feminine confidence. She is a proud woman who lacks arrogance, and doesn’t openly display insecurities. She knows who she is and what she wants, and T’Challa is captivated just by the sight of her.

  2. Purpose - Nakia has a purpose outside of T’Challa. She’s not waiting for him to save her, she has her own goals and lets him know these goals have a valid place in her life. Women of purpose are highly attractive and interesting to masculine men.

  3. Nurturing - This powerful black woman has a heart of gold. She desires to help the world around her, unlike the other Wakandans who are focused on self-preservation.

  4. Boundaries - Nakia sets her boundaries and expectations for she and T’Challa’s relationship. He respects her boundaries, yet, she is also open minded to compromise. This is displayed when she agrees to join him for the crowning celebration and stay back in Wakanda while also maintaining her goals.

  5. Movement - Who can forget the scene when Nakia seduced the audience for brief moment with her hip-swaying cultural dance upon the raft? Movement and dance are natural extractors of feminine energy and allures masculinity. Everything about Nakia’s dancing draws you into her, if only for a moment on screen. Femininity is fluid and all about movement and the art of seduction. She nails it.


T’Challa’s Masculinity

  1. Confidence- Whew! When T’Challa walks in a room his strut, his broad shoulders and erect posture let’s everyone know a man, a boss, has stepped in the building. Well dressed and well spoken, his talks and walks with intention, and is extremely masculine.

  2. Pursuit - His dance with Nakia is all about Pursuit and planning. He knows what he wants, who he wants, and has a plan for their relationship. T’Challa wants to take her as his queen and makes his plan openly known. No games or hiding, he shows up in his full masculine form.

  3. Vulnerable - Unlike Killmonger who masks his uncertainties and insecurities with anger, the king of Wakanda displays vulnerability. He seeks advice from elders, admits to weaknesses and fears around leading to his father, a trusted companion who will embrace him and give T’Challa support. T’Challa doesn’t hide from his emotions, yet, doesn’t fester in them and allow them to hold him back from achieving success.

  4. Earner - A masculine man knows and accepts his position to earn whatever he wants. Whether it’s Nakia, fighting M’bako, or reclaiming his throne, the Black Panther is willing to work for what he wants and doesn’t stop until he gets it. How sexy is that?

  5. Value - Back to T’Challa and Nakia’s beautiful exchange, it’s all about value. He’s a man of value and he recognizes her value as well. Unlike many other superheroes or powerful men we’re used to seeing in films, T’Challa isn’t surrounded by lots of women, using his overt sexuality to dominate women, or devalue women. T’Challa values himself and the woman he desires. He understands the gorgeous, shea-buttered queen deserves a role in his life as number one and wants her to have the best, walking proudly with her for all of Wakanda to see.  


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