Courtship and the Scarcity Mindset

Are you struggling with a scarcity mindset? This defaulted mindset usually comes from a place of lack and feeling as though there aren’t enough options for Marriage or few good options for courtship, often due to your own actions or lack thereof. This can be extremely hindering when it comes to meeting quality matches, especially for Muslims seeking marriage! Muslims who are serious about wanting to meet a good mate have to remain positive and proactive in their own love and social life in order to find a good partner. That means putting in the work! If you’re dead set on feeling you’re limited you will always see the journey to marriage from a limited lens. That’s depressing! You’ll need a positive mindset and attitude in order to attract the man or woman you desire. No one wants a negative, limited beliefs tooting person in their life.

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Here are ways to battle the Scarcity Mentality.

  1. Utilize the 80/20 Rule - If you focus on how others will take away from your life and not on the good they add to it, you need to shift your mindset. How can they benefit your life? Doing this expresses gratitude and keeps you grounded when meeting potential partners.

  2. Get more Exposure - When you expand your network and grow your marriage and courtship options you won’t feel options are scarce. Again, confidence is the key! This may require travel, networking, or trying new methods to meet new people. Guess what? That’s all part of the game! You can’t give up in the second half and expect to win. Keep going!

  3. Speak to More Married Couples - Get the real scoop on their journey to marriage! Everyone didn’t have a fairy-tale road to marriage. Many had to “kiss a lot of frogs” or experience trial and error before meeting the partner that was great for them. That’s the reality! By speaking to more couples you’ll keep a leveled head, heart, and expectations for the blessings up ahead.

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