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Are you suffering from Scarcity mindset?

Scarcity mindset usually comes from a place of ‘not enough’ typically stemming from subconscious thoughts and beliefs developed overtime. These limiting beliefs often aren’t original thoughts. By spending time with those who have a scarce mentality, you begin to share this belief and embody this way of life. Thoughts and beliefs are contagious. You see the world through the lens that’s been created from your past experiences and the beliefs you’ve accumulated, and this is how you attract the exact experiences you want to run from.

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Feeling Unworthy of Love

Have you ever meet the right person who wants to give you love, attention, and even commitment then suddenly uneasy thoughts kick in and tells you it can’t be real? You’re overwhelmed with thoughts of unworthiness, disbelief, and a sense of insecurity making you disbelieve their feelings are insincere, and that deep down inside this a person can’t truly love and desire you as they say or are displaying? 

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