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Charlotte, NC Ideal Mate Pop-up


Matchmaker and owner of Black Muslim Singles Society, Zara J., will be hosting a private Ideal Mate Clarity Pop-up for 10 men or women who are seriously looking to get married. This event is 100% free and is only for those interested in having the profile listed with Black Muslim Singles Society and would love to ask questions in person and participate in the Clarity Exercise Workshop.

After completing the form below, you will be invited via email to attend the session at a private location, upon selection. Attendees will be selected by April 6th.

What to Expect:

Attendees will participate in a group clarity session which teaches them how to narrow down and focus on the primary qualities tailored specifically for them in an ideal partner. This exercise is excellent for putting deal breaking qualities in place, and giving clarity on how to pre-qualify potential mates. You will then be able to receive a 15 minute 1 on 1 consultation with Zara to discuss your results and answer your questions about Black Muslim Singles Society.

Who is it For:

The workshop and consultations are for men and women who are open to joining black Muslim Singles Society as a profile listing member or premium matchmaking member. You will be able to ask any questions and we will both discuss if working with BMSS is a great option for you.

If selected to Attend: You will be emailed and must RSVP for your group session Two small group sessions will be held to make consultation times more convenient. Please only RSVP if you can commit to attending.

If you're already a member and would like to participate in this clarity session, you may complete the form and you'll be contacted about attending.

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