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Expectations from loved ones sabotages courtship

When people you value openly discuss their experiences, how your love journey should be, or default to their fears around marriage not succeeding your brain naturally captures every bit of information and stores it for future use. Overtime, if new experiences and beliefs don’t counter the existing ones then a definite contract gets created with the faulty belief. You now see these expectations as a fact.

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How Judgement Ruins Courtship

For those who lead with judgement, the lack of vulnerability results in a lack of depth and relationship development. They seek to “X” someone off their list and move on without examining and self-reflecting. Any immediate signs of danger, their fight or flight senses go off, and they get ghost - ASAP. This often occurs when there’s an intense focus on someone’s past experiences or choices.

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Keys to Successful Long Distance Courtship

More people are open to and engaging in expanding their net of marital options due to advancement in technology and travel. It’s become easier now than ever to make a long distance relationship happen and last. However, it will take work. Start with owning your insecurities or neediness that’s making you show up low-value and seeking validation in ways that will push them away.

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