Detox imgs.png




  • Journal and pen

  • Quiet space

  • Binaural Meditation beats (optional)

  • Aromatherapy (optional)

  • Dim lighting is suggested for focused but optional

  • It’s usually best to do the exercises before bed or early morning when you feel settled and can make time to focus, if possible.



Going through every exercise and lesson. Set aside time 3-5 days a week to complete the work but pace yourself and give yourself time to fully take in the exercises. If you feel overwhelmed or emotionally overloaded give yourself a break. Find peace in sharing with others, either your personal support systems or in the group. 

Special note* The next 30 days should be a true detox. Which means you may need to create distance from friends, family, or a partner to give yourself space to heal. Any media, forums, or music that resonates with low value or negative energy needs to be purged. This is important. You must make space for change to show up in your life.

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