Executive Matchmaking Membership

Executive Matchmaking Membership


Executive Level Match Experience $997

In this six-month membership, you will get

·    6 months of bi-weekly coaching

·    6-9 personalized introductions based upon your preferences, lifestyle, values, and attraction

·    One-on-one assistance with meeting matches

·    Personalized match plan

·    24-month profile listing membership

·    Available for 2 bi-weekly installments

The Process:

  • Enroll in a Membership you will receive a welcome link for a service overview, background intake form, and appointment scheduling.

  • Complete background intake form and submit photos. We need 3 recent photos (within 6 months). We will pick the best one for your profile. Intake form must be completed prior to 30 minute interview.

  • Schedule 30 minute interview within 7-10 days (preferred) so we can learn about you for matchmaking.

  • Profile listing members are enrolling in a passive option. We will use your profile as a priority for our Mini, Top, and Executive members.

Coaching that will help you attract compatible partners and reach your personal goals within your life and careers.

  • Introductions based upon your preferences, lifestyle, values, and attraction

  • One-on-one assistance and coaching around meeting and courting matches

  • Personalized match plan that will help you find compatible partners after your membership expires

  • Mini Match, Top, and Executive Matchmaking Experiences after your 30 minute interview we will schedule you for a coaching session within 7-10 days of your initial interview. From there you will receive 1 on 1 bi-weekly coaching (group coaching for mini match experience) and we will begin seeking and interviewing matches for you.

24-month profile listing membership that will allow you to gain exposure to everyone else in the network and make your own connections.

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