May Mini Match Experience

May Mini Match Experience


What's included in the 6-week Mini Match Experience?

1. 30 Minute Interview - You will receive a 30 minute interview to have your profile added to Black Muslim Singles Society match network for 24 months. If already in the network you may skip this step or have your profile updated with recent photos, information, etc.

2. (2) Bi-weekly Group Coaching 1 hour Sessions

A. 5/5 Session 1 - We will go over proven techniques to leverage your personal network & location to increase the amount of singles you meet

B. 5/19 Session 2 - Coaching session will cover where and how to meet the most compatible marriage options just for you

3. (1) One on one coaching session

A. 6/2 We will meet one on one to go over the next steps you should take over the next 90 days to increase quality marriage options for you.

4. Match Introduction* To give you an additional boost with moving your courtship journey forward, we will provide 1 introduction by the end of this 6 week session. This will also give you a great chance to experience matchmaking and see if it's right for you!

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