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100 Black Muslim Singles Society matches since 2015.

After quickly, intentionally, and organically growing our free database to 300 African diaspora, Muslim professionals in 2016, we transformed to an exclusively member based marriage society to ensure our members even more quality matches and success. We are the only matchmaking service in the United States that caters, targets, and understands the needs of Black Muslim Singles.

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  1. How is this different from online dating? Matchmaking is personalized, private, one on one service where we introduce you to compatible matches and work on your behalf to interview and build a network for you. We only introduce you to those who share your values, physical attraction, and lifestyle. However, we also provide an online match technique course to give you the skills and profiles needed to attract better options.
  2. Why do you only accept 5 men per month? We believe in being able to connect with our match members and getting to know them one on one. We do this by limiting the amount of people we accept at a time. We also prefer to work with those who are seriously committed to getting married and moving forward, our Luxe Men Matchmaking members have proven to be great investors of their time and effort.
  3. Do I have to complete the modules for matchmaking? We want to ensure you have the right mindset, information, and clarity to make the best matches and to be a great match. Black Muslim Singles Society has experience working with American, black singles and understands the needs and services to best serve this specific community. By learning and establishing a new mindset towards marriage and courtship, you're bettering your chances to get the relationship you desire. We want to arm and empower our women with long-term knowledge. We highly suggest to take the course and learn the information provided for healthy future relationships. We work better when you work with us.
  4. Why do I only receive 6 matches, what if I want more? Our goal is to provide our members with quality and not quantity. We will not introduce you to anyone who we don't feel is a good match according to your interviews, coaching, and time getting to know you throughout the course. This is why it's important to develop clarity and focus. To make the best use of the membership be open minded to any match we send, we're aware and have reasons for why they'd be compatible. We provide this service at the most affordable rate compared to other matchmaking services which typically costs $5k-$10+. However, we do understand some have greater needs and would like more attention. If you would like additional matchmaking you may request a quote.
  5. Where does BMSS find matches? Black Muslim Singles Society makes our match Society and Luxe members our top priority for matchmaking. We interview every member and review every profile before suggesting a possible match. If we do not find good matches in our network, we then use several tools such as advertising, referrals, and other searches to seek out potential matches to interview and recruit. We act as brokers/realtors for marriage.
  6. What if I meet someone before the program is complete, will I get a refund? We don't offer refunds on any memberships except the matchmaking membership if we do not provide you with (6) six matches by the end of your (6) six month membership, in that case we will provide a partial refund based upon the membership length. If you meet a compatible match before the end of 6 months, congrats! You will still benefit from the coursework and information.
  7. Can I give my membership away to a friend? No, we do not allow anyone to transfer memberships.
  8. Who is the program for? Black Muslim Singles Society has a history of working with African diaspora professional Muslim singles, ages 25-65, within the United States. The service is also open to non-black Muslim men who desire to marry a black Muslim woman.
  9. Can I work at my own pace, what if I miss a class? Yes, you can work at your own pace, but we highly suggest to keep up with the class to remain motivated and to maximize information and support.

Contact us:

Do you have more questions? Email us at contact@blackmuslimsinglessociety.com and a representative will respond within 24-72 hours. Click here to complete the contact form.

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