Luxe Men Matchmaking

Black Muslim Singles Society provides three (3) membership options for men who are seriously seeking marriage.

We only have limited spots open for premium options due to demand and our desire to cater exclusively to our premium members.

Please note: Only the Luxe Men Matchmaking membership includes targeted matches.

We promise to deliver highly qualified matches within your membership or you receive a percentage refund. 

Passively seeking Men

Passively seeking Men

Profile Listing 24 month $39

Receive priority matchmaking with our Enchanting Sisters Society members. Enroll your application in our match network and we'll know you're available and what woman is a good match for you. This is a no guarantee match option. However, you'll be notified as from time to time as soon as a match with one of our members can be made.

This is perfect for a passive seeker who is interested in occasionally and casually being introduced to our Enchanting Sisters Society members. 

  • Enroll at the link below

  • Complete Match Application

  • 24 month profile listed in our network

  • You'll be notified if a qualified Sisters Society woman is a good match for you and offered an introduction!

  • Upon notification we'll arrange a 30 minute interview with a matchmaker to ensure she's a great match for you.

  • For passively seeking men

Exclsively seeking man

Exclsively seeking man

Exclusive Luxe muslim men matchmaking $397

3 New Men Accepted Monthly

This option is perfect for the busy man who is confident and wants to receive high quality matches, tailored just for him. You will work one on one with us so we may interview, seek options, and arrange introductions on your behalf. We will learn your personality compatibility type, values, and attraction type. Excellent for the guy who wants to learn more information on how a Muslim men can easily and intentionally meet better options while balancing a professional career life, improve relationship communication skills, learn industry techniques for online matching, and feel more confident about moving forward with marriage.

  • 3 Month commitment

  • Limited to 3 new Men per month

  • Receive 3-5 Highly Qualified Introductions Gauranteed

  • Receive 24 month Profile Listing membership ($39 value)

  • Bi-weekly coaching

  • Match Introduction Feedback

  • Excellent for men who are proactive and want to learn to improve courtship process, quality wife selection, relationship communication, online matching, and improve confidence.

  • *Bonus* Receive an online matrimonial profile consultation to improve response rate and quality attraction

  • Contact us for installment options

Premium Matchmaking for Men

Premium Matchmaking for Men

premium Luxe muslim Men Matchmaking $797

*Most popular*:

5 New Men accepted monthly

This is the best option for men who want to maximize the next 6 months and are serious about making major changes and steps towards marriage while maintaining their career and family life. 

Receive one on one matchmaking and coaching to lift the burden of your schedule, and work with someone who will deliver attractive, compatible options for marriage with our expanded network. Complete course modules from the Luxe Muslim Men course for improved direction, confidence, and power towards becoming an even more high quality man than you are.  

  • 6 month commitment

  • Limited to 5 new men per month

  • Receive 6-9 Highly Qualified Introductions Guaranteed

  • Profile listing for 24 months ($39 value)

  • Financial course ($99 value)

  • Luxe Muslim Men Coaching modules including topics such as communication, identifying an enchanting sister, online matchmaking techniques, matching detox and mindset shift.

  • Monthly follow-ups post introductions matchmaking during membership

  • Free Event Entry to events by BMSS

  • Online Matrimonial Profile Consultation

  • Contact us for installment options