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Intense Personalized Matchmaking to Position You to Meet your Perfect Match

You’re either meeting potential matches but consistently sabotaging your courtships with low-value behaviors or have been single for years with no clue how to stop wasting time and meet desirable matches. Here’s how I will help you:

OPTION 1: Eliminate Sabotaging Relationship Blocks, position yourself for commitment, and become a highly desirable match

  • Identify your sabotaging mindset and actions stopping you from making real heart connections during courtship

  • Uncover what you’re not doing to be seen and meet potential matches that my successful now married match clients have

  • Design a personalized strategy for the next 6 months to position you to meet more marriage options using my proven 6 Step Match Method

  • Increase your self-worth and desirability to attract better quality matches YOU want to meet

  • Access to 6 months of the Match Society programs

OPTION 2: 6 Months of Marriage Minded Matchmaking

  • Personalized pre-screened introductions to matches who meet your preferences based upon your lifestyle and needs *minimum of 6 introductions*

  • Eliminate sabotaging courtship success and accountability with bi-weekly coaching and increase relationship confidence

  • Lay out what steps to take during and after matchmaking for continued success using my 6 Step Match Method and coach you through the process

  • Identify your relationship brand to confidently attract the best matches for you

  • Access to 12 months of the Match Society programs

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Clients who work 1 on 1 with me and are SERIOUSLY ready to make real relationship changes usually meet their match within 3 months. This is for those who are serious about getting clear and taking action. Read testimonials and if this is a fit for you before becoming a client.


This is right for you if:

  • You are coachable and ready to take the necessary changes to take action in your love life

  • You’re ready to get real about who you are and your deep-seeded beliefs about marriage and the opposite sex

  • Your time is limited due to your lifestyle or profession and want to stop wasting time thinking about meeting someone and fast track introductions

  • You’re ready to reclaim your personal value and quit low-value mindsets and actions causing you to settle in relationships

  • You are ready and able to invest financially and energetically in making a shift in your future, unlearn bad relationship behaviors, and create lasting qualities that impact your love life.

This is NOT right for you if:

  • You are eager to meet matches BUT unwilling to make changes to your current mindsets and actions

  • You’re unwilling to expand your net of options and feel limited to a “type”

  • You don’t like transparency about your past and own toxic behaviors keeping you stuck

  • You’re not interested in investing in one of the most important areas of your life, your relationships

  • You have tons of excuses about why you’re single and looking to blame others instead of taking accountability and taking action

  • You’re unsure if marriage or matchmaking is for you and don’t believe there’s someone who fits what you desire


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