Change the way you experience courtship and get clear, confident, and compatible 

What if you’re part of the problem with meeting the right match?

Your lack of clarity on what’s most important for your future marriage and your confidence around getting the man or woman you desire is leaving you stuck, wasting time on people who simply aren’t a good fit, and compromising on what really matters most to you to feel secure and ready for a new relationship.

You can get clear and confident quickly and turn around your courtship experience.

Have you been?

  1. Feeling like your gut tells you someone isn’t a good fit but you’re unsure why?

  2. Courting one person after another wasting months just to find out someone is incompatible?

  3. Unsure about what really matters most or who is compatible?

  4. Recently ended a bad courtship or marriage and not feeling confident around moving forward and trying to meet matches again?

  5. In need of a boost to feel motivated around marriage and courtship?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions the Match Manual is perfect for you.

The truth is your lack of clarity is making it difficult to make connections with the right matches.

The Match Manual digital workbook for unmarried men and women is the first step to get clear, confident, and compatible matches. You don’t have to waste time on connections that just won’t work for a lasting relationship. 

Here’s what we know:

Most of the men and women who come to us for matchmaking or to enroll their profile in our match network are clueless around their values, deal breakers, and what they’re really looking for in a match. They know they want to get married, but have no idea what they’re truly looking for outside of material and physical qualities.

Adeelah C..png

Here’s what’s included:

The Match Manual is a 30 page workbook with 5 powerful clarity exercises to quickly engage and open your mind to what type of relationship and future partner best fits your marriage goals. Once you’re clear you will stop wasting time on incompatible matches and zero in on who is right for you quickly and clearly.

Download your digital workbook and get started.

Match Manual Workbook.png

30 Pages packed with mindset shifting information and 5 Core Exercises covering:

Core Values

Relationship Why

Deal Breakers

Wants & Needs

Ideal Partner

You will have a new mindset and motivation after completing these powerful exercises. Your confidence and clarity with who to move forward with will eliminate wasteful courtships and bad matches quickly.

This is for:

  1. Those seriously looking to improve their match selection

  2. If you’re tired of wasting time on who seems to be a good fit

  3. Those looking to gain a better understanding of who they are and what they desire.

About us…

Since 2015 Black Muslim Singles Society has successfully assisted thousands unmarried men and women from around the world by making matches, marriages, events, and our Courtship Code podcast. We know Muslim singles. Our goal is to not only make matches, but to help those looking for marriage to make quality decisions with confidence.

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