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why men choose luxe…

Our most successful matchmaking service, when men come to Black Muslim Singles Society for matchmaking they're ready for marriage and ready to take action. Professional, black Muslim men face the challenge of navigating a work and social life that doesn't typically give them access and exposure to attractive, marriageable, Muslim women. Black Muslim men, even those with a Muslim family, may also be missing active friends, community life, and family to introduce them to potential marriage options. They're often left feeling unmotivated, uncomfortably content with single life, or more focused on quantity instead of securing and sealing the deal with a quality woman. This can be a lack of clarity, network, or time. Either way, our men are ambitious, respectful, practicing Muslim men of value who want a little assistance to meet women who possess inner and outer beauty, on their time. 


What we do

Black Muslim Singles Society is not an online matrimonial or dating site. We work with Luxe Men match members one on one to provide private and personalized matchmaking, introductions, and coaching so they may relax and focus on their career, spiritual, and family life while we find them a wife. BMSS provides men with the tools and skills needed to improve their perspective, actions, and ability to have better relationships and move forward with marriage with confidence. This is a great and successful option for mature, marriage ready men looking to expand marital options and meet wonderful marriage ready women.

How we do it

Our easy matchmaking process allows you to relax as we deliver potential matches to you monthly. Every woman we send your way has been interviewed and heavily considered as a potential match prior to us contacting you for an introduction. Women are prioritized through our Sisters Society members, but we also diligently work to search for women outside of our network just for you via various resources. We match according to physical attraction, values, hobbies and interest, and lifestyle.

Here's the Process:

  1. Enroll in Luxe Men Matchmaking membership - Choose the option that best suits your needs. Men have the option of enrolling in a passive, Profile listing membership which makes their profile available for our Enchanting Sisters Society actively looking women. Or they may schedule a consultation and become a premium matchmaking member. With premium matchmaking we build a pool of highly compatible women specifically for you, provide one on one sessions with a matchmaker, and arrange introductions.
  2. Complete application - Next, you'll complete a brief application that gives us background on who you are and what you're looking for. This is exclusively for our staff and will never be shared with other members.
  3. Receive 30 minute interview with BMSS representative- After you complete the member application, a matchmaker will contact you to schedule a 30 minute interview. Every member must be interviewed and vetted to be matched. Interviews take place in person or via video. Our service doesn't have fake profiles.
  4. Review Luxe Muslim Men course for improved matching and relationship quality- If you're a premium member you'll receive access to our Luxe Muslim Men match course for free. Profile Listing members interested in this class may register for the next course.
  5. Receive tailored matches and introductions - Once you've been interviewed, as an Exclusive or Premium member we will spend the next few months building a pool of compatible matches for you and arranging introductions. Your profile will also remain in our society for 24 months from the date of your enrollment. For profile listing members, you may receive occasional matches over the next 24 months to our premium members.
  6. Bi-Monthly follow-up and coaching calls for feedback and improved matching- Premium Luxe Muslim Men receives bi-monthly meetings with a matchmaker for feedback and coaching during membership.


We've also added a professional financial planning course created by CPA and Financial Coach, Shannaan Dawda. This program teaches you how to quickly and effectively pay off debt and build wealth.


This simple and laid back, traditional approach to working for you as a marriage-broker takes the burden off your hands, and frees up your heart and mind to be available for worthy women.  

Who we do it for

If you've ever asked a friend to introduce you to women or  "hook you up," you're the kind of man we enjoy working with. We take a friendly and modern approach to ease Muslim men of color into comfortably meeting women. Someone who is open-minded and has an open-heart towards love and marriage without mindset limitations, is our kind of guy. Our primary base is composed of men of the African diaspora within the United States who value quality Muslim women and desire to explore new options. If this describes you, you'd make a wonderful Luxe man.


Black Muslim Singles Society is the truth! You're asked to be honest in answering the question, 'what should your future relationship really looks like?' The screening check of a potential match is so important these days and Zara J. (matchmaker) offers that along with privacy of my profile. Thank you, Zara, your services and making my journey a lot easier.


/ Z. Lewis, NY /

Luxe Men Matchmaking

Black Muslim Singles Society provides three (3) membership options for men who are seriously seeking marriage.

We only have limited spots open for premium options due to demand and our desire to cater exclusively to our premium members.

Please note: Only the Luxe Men Matchmaking membership includes targeted matches.

We promise to deliver highly qualified matches within your membership or you receive a percentage refund. 

Passively seeking Men

Passively seeking Men

Profile Listing 24 month $39

Receive priority matchmaking with our Enchanting Sisters Society members. Enroll your application in our match network and we'll know you're available and what woman is a good match for you. This is a no guarantee match option. However, you'll be notified as from time to time as soon as a match with one of our members can be made.

This is perfect for a passive seeker who is interested in occasionally and casually being introduced to our Enchanting Sisters Society members. 

  • Enroll at the link below

  • Complete Match Application

  • 24 month profile listed in our network

  • You'll be notified if a qualified Sisters Society woman is a good match for you and offered an introduction!

  • Upon notification we'll arrange a 30 minute interview with a matchmaker to ensure she's a great match for you.

  • For passively seeking men

Exclsively seeking man

Exclsively seeking man

Exclusive Luxe muslim men matchmaking $397

3 New Men Accepted Monthly

This option is perfect for the busy man who is confident and wants to receive high quality matches, tailored just for him. You will work one on one with us so we may interview, seek options, and arrange introductions on your behalf. We will learn your personality compatibility type, values, and attraction type. Excellent for the guy who wants to learn more information on how a Muslim men can easily and intentionally meet better options while balancing a professional career life, improve relationship communication skills, learn industry techniques for online matching, and feel more confident about moving forward with marriage.

  • 3 Month commitment

  • Limited to 3 new Men per month

  • Receive 3-5 Highly Qualified Introductions Gauranteed

  • Receive 24 month Profile Listing membership ($39 value)

  • Bi-weekly coaching

  • Match Introduction Feedback

  • Excellent for men who are proactive and want to learn to improve courtship process, quality wife selection, relationship communication, online matching, and improve confidence.

  • *Bonus* Receive an online matrimonial profile consultation to improve response rate and quality attraction

  • Contact us for installment options

Premium Matchmaking for Men

Premium Matchmaking for Men

premium Luxe muslim Men Matchmaking $797

*Most popular*:

5 New Men accepted monthly

This is the best option for men who want to maximize the next 6 months and are serious about making major changes and steps towards marriage while maintaining their career and family life. 

Receive one on one matchmaking and coaching to lift the burden of your schedule, and work with someone who will deliver attractive, compatible options for marriage with our expanded network. Complete course modules from the Luxe Muslim Men course for improved direction, confidence, and power towards becoming an even more high quality man than you are.  

  • 6 month commitment

  • Limited to 5 new men per month

  • Receive 6-9 Highly Qualified Introductions Guaranteed

  • Profile listing for 24 months ($39 value)

  • Financial course ($99 value)

  • Luxe Muslim Men Coaching modules including topics such as communication, identifying an enchanting sister, online matchmaking techniques, matching detox and mindset shift.

  • Monthly follow-ups post introductions matchmaking during membership

  • Free Event Entry to events by BMSS

  • Online Matrimonial Profile Consultation

  • Contact us for installment options

Why us?

100 Black Muslim Singles Society matches since 2015.

After quickly, intentionally, and organically growing our free database to 300 African diaspora, Muslim professionals in 2016, we transformed to an exclusively member based marriage society to ensure our members even more quality matches and success. We are the only matchmaking service in the United States that caters, targets, and understands the needs of Black Muslim Singles.

Review FAQs for more questions or contact us below


  1. How is this different from online dating? Matchmaking is personalized, private, one on one service where we introduce you to compatible matches and work on your behalf to interview and build a network for you. We only introduce you to those who share your values, physical attraction, and lifestyle. However, we also provide an online match technique course to give you the skills and profiles needed to attract better options.
  2. Why do you only accept a limited amount men per month? We believe in being able to connect with our match members and getting to know them one on one. We do this by limiting the amount of people we accept at a time. We also prefer to work with those who are seriously committed to getting married and moving forward, our Luxe Men Matchmaking members have proven to be great investors of their time and effort.
  3. Do I have to complete coaching for matchmaking? We want to ensure you have the right mindset, information, and clarity to make the best matches and to be a great match. Black Muslim Singles Society has experience working with American, black singles and understands the needs and services to best serve this specific community. By learning and establishing a new mindset towards marriage and courtship, you're bettering your chances to get the relationship you desire. We want to arm and empower our women with long-term knowledge. We highly suggest to take the course and learn the information provided for healthy future relationships. We work better when you work with us.
  4. Why do I only receive a set amount of matches, what if I want more? Our goal is to provide our members with quality and not quantity. We will not introduce you to anyone who we don't feel is a good match according to your interviews, coaching, and time getting to know you throughout the course. This is why it's important to develop clarity and focus. To make the best use of the membership be open minded to any match we send, we're aware and have reasons for why they'd be compatible. We provide this service at the most affordable rate compared to other matchmaking services which typically costs $5k-$10+. However, we do understand some have greater needs and would like more attention. If you would like additional matchmaking you may request a quote.
  5. Where does BMSS find matches? Black Muslim Singles Society makes our match Society and Luxe members our top priority for matchmaking. We interview every member and review every profile before suggesting a possible match. If we do not find good matches in our network, we then use several tools such as advertising, referrals, and other searches to seek out potential matches to interview and recruit. We act as brokers/realtors for marriage.
  6. What if I meet someone before the program is complete, will I get a refund? We don't offer refunds on any memberships except the exclusive and premium matchmaking membership if we do not provide you with minimum expected matches by the end of your membership, in that case we will provide a partial refund based upon the membership length. If you meet a compatible match before the end of 6 months, congrats! You will still benefit from the coursework and information. Any partial refund will only be given after membership period is complete, and will not be offered to those who consistently reject introductions.
  7. Can I give my membership away to a friend? No, we do not allow anyone to transfer memberships.
  8. Who is the program for? Black Muslim Singles Society has a history of working with African diaspora professional Muslim singles, ages 25-65, within the United States. The service is also open to non-black Muslim men who desire to marry a black Muslim woman.
  9. Can I work at my own pace, what if I miss a class? Yes, you can work at your own pace, but we highly suggest to keep up with the class to remain motivated and to maximize information and support.

Contact us:

Do you have more questions? Email us at and a representative will respond within 24-72 hours. Click here to complete the contact form.

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