Play Your Position S2E14

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Today we discussed what it means to Play Your Position with actionable steps for you to take to begin meeting more matches.

Making the decision to step past fear and be seen is scary for so many, but it’s important to push past this fear in order to position yourself to win.

Listen, we get it. Being vulnerable and putting yourself on the forefront is super scary, but do you know what is else? The question, what if? Asking what if because you’ve wasted so much time worried about what others think or feeling uncomfortable with stepping outside of your comfort zone. But when you fail to do this not only do you waste tons of time, but you also avoid positioning yourself for the right kinds of matches and end up haphazardly falling into relationships. You must be intentional.

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Some tips and areas covered Include:

  1. Stepping Past Fear of Being Seen

  2. Procrastination

  3. Clarity

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify

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