3 Tips to Get Your Profile Popping S2E15

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40% of couples meet online or through some kind of 3rd party dating service. So if you’re going to use a dating or matrimonial site it’s important you do it right!

You can meet great matches online by having an amazing and attractive profile that displays your high value and sends the message to your potential partners that you’re a great fit. So what does it take to build a great profile?

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Before anything, you must get over the fear of being seen. This means feeling confident about getting online or any matrimonial site and create a profile that says you’re looking and ready to meet! No hiding. No shame.

Some tips and areas covered Include:

  1. Quality Photo Tips

  2. High Energy Words

  3. Non specific match descriptions

Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify

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Zara will be going Live in a private Q&A for Match Society Members Only in the launch of the private Facebook Group August 29th. This is not for profile listing members, you must be a member of the Match Society.

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