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This is your lounge where you can take life-changing courses to reprogram and unlearn past behaviors and master becoming your own matchmaker. It would be most beneficial to complete every course and truly dedicate the time and effort in personal growth to improve your courtship experience. You may also join up to the private Facebook groups (scroll to bottom of page) to meet other members who like yourself have been pre-screened and check in from time to time or plan meetups. Any questions can be submitted via email and you will find the answer in our question library, please allow time for the response.

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It takes roughly 21 days to create new habits. In this intense 30 day course, you will learn systematic steps to eliminate old, relationship blocking behaviors that will no longer serve you in your upcoming marriage. This is the most important and first step in our courtship process. You will learn how to quickly turnaround your self-sabotaging behaviors, increase your value, and reconnect with your authentic self to attract more desirable relationships.


In this course you will receive guidance to establish your own courtship code such as boundaries, values, actions, and expectations. We will walk you through key things to consider for clarity and intention to meet your ideal partner. This is a 5 day course to quickly empower you to make shifts towards meeting potential partners.

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This 8 day course will offer guidance on how to recharge after a breakup, divorce, or romantic challenge. You will also learn how to regain your confidence, battle anxiety, fear, and other commitment challenges. Overcoming pain doesn’t have to be a burden, with guidance you can turn it into a blessing.


This master class discusses masculine and feminine energy, communication, and how to create your courtship flow. It will help you to better understand the opposite sex, allowing you to attract the person who best suits your energy. We will cover sensuality and sexuality in this course along with building organic intimacy.

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Choose up to 5 local meet up groups to make connections with like minded Muslims. Every person added to the private communities have been pre-screened through Black Muslim Singles Society. Engage with others and continue course discussions or connect offline. We will notify you of any Society planned meet up events in your area.

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