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Enchanting Sisters Society

Matchmaking for Women

limited to 3 new women monthly

Are you a Muslim woman looking to improve qualified marriage options, have an eventful social life, and meet new, compatible men who are seeking marriage? If you're looking for more exposure to marriageable black Muslim men and open to learning life-lasting courtship skills to be your own matchmaker and continue meeting attractive, quality men, Black Muslim Singles Society Enchanting Sisters Society is the perfect option for you. 

Muslim women in America often face the challenge of finding a high quality partner due to a lack of exposure, time, and very little help from their friends, family, or community. This often leaves them feeling frustrated, insecure, unmotivated, and uncertain about where to start or how to get started.

These feelings and fears foster questions, such as, "Will I ever get married?" or  "Why has meeting a good man been so difficult?" Feeling unfulfilled with their social life, love life, anxious, and as though time is slipping away.

You can take control of your love life, take real action, and regain marriage confidence and passion you deserve.   



I'm so thankful to Black Muslim Singles Society for the time and work you put into helping me find my special one. May Allah reward you always. Ameen.



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Here's what you need to know:

You're a minority within a minority

  • Muslim women in America need information and skills to make better decisions that works for them.
  • Muslim women need access to new networks and support systems to meet more people in less time.
  • Muslim women need exposure to quality, marriage, options who share the same values and lifestyle.
  • Muslim women over age 30 must think and move differently towards marriage to meet new men.
  • Muslim women need to feel empowered and like their true beautiful, enchanting, and confident selves to become motivated and proactive towards marriage.

Black Muslim Singles Society has created a unique and tailored matchmaking option for Muslim women of color in America who not only want to be matched with potential partners, but also gain a total transformation from their inner to outer beauty. 

Sisters Society Membership:

Exclusive and premium matchmaking limited to 3 women monthly


How it Works:

  1. Enroll in Enchanting Sisters Society Matchmaking membership - Choose the option that best suits your needs. Women have the option of enrolling in a passive, Profile listing membership which makes their profile available for our Luxe Muslim Men actively looking men. Or schedule a consultation and become a premium matchmaking member. With premium matchmaking we build a pool of highly compatible men specifically for you, provide one on one sessions with a matchmaker, and arrange introductions.
  2. Complete application - Next, you'll complete a brief application that gives us background on who you are and what you're looking for. This is exclusively for our staff and will never be shared with other members.
  3. Receive 30 minute interview with BMSS representative- After you complete the member application, a matchmaker will contact you to schedule a 30 minute interview. Every member must be interviewed and vetted to be matched. Interviews take place in person or via video. Our service doesn't have fake profiles.
  4. Review Enchanting Sisters Society course for improved matching and relationship quality- If you're a premium member you'll receive access to our Enchanting Sisters Society match course for free. Profile Listing members interested in this class may register for the next course.
  5. Receive tailored matches and introductions - Once you've been interviewed, as an Exclusive or Premium member we will begin building a pool of compatible matches for you and arranging introductions. Your profile will also remain in our society for 24 months post matchmaking services from the date of your enrollment. For profile listing members, you may receive occasional matches over the next 24 months to our premium members.
  6. Bi-Monthly coaching and calls for feedback and improved matching- Exclusive and Premium Enchanting Sisters Society receives bi-monthly meetings with a matchmaker for feedback and coaching during (6) month premium membership.

Here's what the sisters society matchmaking program Includes:

  • How to have a Captivating Courtship in our culture & society made just for you
  • Your personalized Action Plan to be your own matchmaker and improve matches
  • One on one bi-monthly coaching & group coaching for supportive sisters
  • 3 month intense mastery detox and rebuild course with 5 modules packed with information
  • Matchmaking with highly qualified matches targeted specifically for you
  • Professional Financial Planning Course    
  1. 6 Month commitment
  2. 5 intense course modules packed with transformational information, action plans, and tasks
  3. Weekly engaging Q&A with private group coaching
  4. Private Bi-Monthly 1 on 1 coaching
  5. 3-5 Highly Qualified targeted Matches and Introductions
  6. Personalized Matchmaking Profile and Portal for Matches

Modules Cover Topics Such as:

  • High Quality Relationship Branding
  • Powerful mindset shifting for clarity and motivation
  • Channeling your enchanting feminine energy to attract quality masculinity
  • Step by step match yourself action plan
  • Online match mastery for Muslim women of color
  • How to match yourself over age 30 and why you must change
  • Tailoring your Captivating Courtship
  • Mirroring and breaking agreements



We've collaborated with certified fitness trainer and pole dance instructor, Coach Najwa, to create a 14-day fitness challenge. This challenge includes a meal plan, support group, fitness instruction videos, and a one on one health and fitness consultation with Coach Najwa. This sexy, empowering 14-days of fitness will help boost your confidence, introduce you to seductive temptress skills, and motivate you to embrace your feminine power and focus on health as a lifestyle. 


Sisters Society Options

Black Muslim Singles Society provides three (3) membership options for women who are seriously seeking marriage.

We provide limited spots open for premium options due to demand and our desire to cater exclusively to our premium members.

Please note: Only the Sisters Society Matchmaking Memberships includes consistent targeted matches. We promise to deliver 3-9 highly qualified matches within your membership or you receive a percentage refund. 

Passively seeking Women

Passively seeking Women

Profile Listing 24 month $39


If you're passively looking to get matched and would like to have your profile listed with Black Muslim Singles Society, enroll in our Basic Profile Listing Membership. This is for women who are open to introductions but not ready to make a commitment to matchmaking. You will receive priority with our Luxe Men for occasional matching (other matchmaking memberships have priority as well), and we will keep your private profile listed in our network for 24 months.

By having your profile listed we will know: What you're looking for, Who you're attracted to, and What you value most in a compatible partner. 

This is a no guarantee match option. 

  • Enroll at the link below

  • Complete Match Application

  • 24 month profile listing in our society

  • 30 Minute one on one Interview with Matchmaker

  • You'll be notified occasionally if a qualified Luxe Muslim Man is a good match for you and offered an introduction!

  • For passively seeking women

Exclusive Matchmaking for Women

Exclusive Matchmaking for Women

enchanting sisters Society exclusive matchmaking $697

Accepting 3 Women Monthly

If you're ready to experience matchmaking and looking to improve your self-confidence and clarity about getting married and moving forward with your love life, this is a great option for you. Exclusive Matchmaking is a 3 month commitment that will take you on a journey of motivation, clarity, and belief. We will tailor a match plan just for you, work through some of the obstacles that are holding you back in your one on one coaching sessions, and you will receive tailored matches exclusively for you. 

  • 3 Month Commitment

  • Limited to 3 new Women per Month

  • 3 Highly Qualified Introductions Guaranteed

  • Receive 24 month Profile Listing membership ($39 value)

  • 3 Months of Enchanting Sisters Monthly Coaching

  • Receive Sisters Society 90-day course with action plans

  • Match Follow-up Feedback

  • Excellent for women who are actively looking to get matched and serious about committing to matchmaking and improve their confidence

  • Ask about Installment Options

  • *Bonus* Receive one on one online profile consultation to improve online matching.

Premium Matchmaking for Women

Premium Matchmaking for Women

Enchanting Sisters society premium matchmaking $1,497 *Most popular*:

accepting 3 women monthly

If you're a woman who wants the ultimate transformation and motivation towards marriage this is your membership. The best option for women who want to maximize the next 6 months with more options, receive one on one coaching, Complete Enchanting Sisters course, financial transformation, and private matchmaking. This is an all around detox and matchmaking option designed to motivate, empower, and rebuild 4 important areas of life: Relationships, Social life, Financial, and health. We will work together to provide introductions, clarity, coaching, and increase your marital options over 6 months. 

  • 6 month commitment

  • Limited to 3 new Women per month

  • 6-9 Highly Qualified Introductions Guaranteed

  • Profile listing for 24 months

  • Complete Enchanting Sisters Course

  • Professional Financial Planning Course

  • One on one bi-weekly coaching

  • Match follow-up Feedback

  • Free Tickets to Any Events by BMSS

  • Ask about installment options

  • Receive one on one online profile consultation to improve online matching

  • *BONUS* 14-day Fitness challenge with certified personal trainer and pole dance instructor, meal plan, and one on one health and fitness consultation.

Why us?

100 Black Muslim Singles Society matches since 2015.

After quickly, intentionally, and organically growing our free database to 300 African diaspora, Muslim professionals in 2016, we transformed to an exclusively member based marriage society to ensure our members even more quality matches and success. We are the only matchmaking service in the United States that caters, targets, and understands the needs of Black Muslim Singles.

Review FAQs for more questions or contact us below


  1. How is this different from online dating? Matchmaking is personalized, private, one on one service where we introduce you to compatible matches and work on your behalf to interview and build a network for you. We only introduce you to those who share your values, physical attraction, and lifestyle. However, we also provide an online match technique course to give you the skills and profiles needed to attract better options.
  2. Why do I have to have coaching for matchmaking memberships? We want to ensure you have the right mindset, information, and clarity to make the best matches and to be a great match. Black Muslim Singles Society has experience working with American, black singles and understands the needs and services to best serve this specific community. By learning and establishing a new mindset towards marriage and courtship, you're bettering your chances to get the relationship you desire. We want to arm and empower our women with long-term knowledge and lifestyles changes for all around personal success.
  3. Why do I only receive a set amount of matches, what if I want more? Our goal is to provide our members with quality and not quantity. We will not introduce you to anyone who we don't feel is a good match according to your interviews, coaching, and time getting to know you throughout the course. This is why it's important to develop clarity and focus, first. We provide this service at the most affordable rate compared to other matchmaking services which typically costs $5k-$10+. However, we do understand some have greater needs and would like more attention. If you would like additional matchmaking you may request a quote.
  4. Where does BMSS find matches? Black Muslim Singles Society makes our match Society and Luxe members our top priority for matchmaking. We interview every member and review every profile before suggesting a possible match. If we do not find good matches in our network, we then use several tools such as advertising, referrals, and other searches to seek out potential matches to interview and recruit. We act as brokers/realtors for marriage on your behalf. Since we typically work with busy professionals, our focus is to comfortable assist them with the transition of finding a partner while freeing up their time to focus on themselves and other important life matters.
  5. What if I meet someone before the program is complete, will I get a refund? We don't offer refunds on any memberships except the matchmaking memberships if we do not provide the minimum introductions for your membership by the end of your enrollment period, in that case we will provide a partial refund based upon the membership length. If you meet a compatible match before the end of 6 months, congrats! You will still benefit from the coursework and information. Percentage refunds are only offered after period is complete and will not be given if member consistently rejects introductions.
  6. Can I give my membership away to a friend? No, we do not allow anyone to transfer memberships.
  7. Who is the program for? Black Muslim Singles Society has a history of working with African diaspora professional Muslim singles, ages 25-55, within the United States. Although we are not limited to only black Muslim singles and invite all Muslims to join, please keep in mind the primary demographic of our network includes the African diaspora.
  8. Can I work at my own pace, what if I miss a class? Yes, you can work at your own pace, but we highly suggest to keep up with the coaching exercises to remain motivated and to maximize information and support.
  9. Why only 3 women per month? Black Muslim Singles Society knows and understands Muslim women need specialized one on one attention and we can only deliver this service to those who are seriously ready to commit to the process. We only want to work with a limited select group of women who will take action, be open minded to change, and are ready to make new moves. Therefore, we limit new members to those who are 100% ready to work with us, and offer consultations first to ensure we're a good fit for you as well.

Contact us:

Do you have more questions? Email us at contact@blackmuslimsinglessociety.com and a representative will respond within 24-72 hours. Click here to complete the contact form.